About Us

My name is Noemie Desrochers and I have always dreamed of helping the world.

After 20 years spent working in Montreal, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and many more pit stops, I decided to make my dream a reality and I founded VR Fairies so people in need could also travel the world virtually and live a different reality despite their limitations.

The experience gained in VR and tech companies, along with the marketing, business and customer service I had, made this choice an easy one. 

Along came Flavie Laroque, PhD Candidate in Biomedical Sciences, who was sent to me like a fairy helps make a wish come true! Flavie will help tremendously on the medical side, especially for our phase 2 which will concentrate on content for apps especially made for sick children.

No tech-related company can succeed without someone like Istvan Pusztai, who is our Technical Consultant with a big heart! He has supported the technical side of the project and he is the geek fairy of the team:)

VR Fairies

Natalie Poirier is a great addition to the team. With the most wonderful energy despite her 4 daughters and a full time business, her background in marketing, animation, business and PR is extremely valuable for us and we are so lucky to count her as part of the VR Fairies team.


VR Fairies